United Task Force helps families and individuals access
targeted resources and services for a wide range of diverse needs.
With United Task Force, You Are Not Alone.
in numbers
The United Task Force coalition includes agencies that offer support and services in the areas of serious illness, mental health, abuse, addictions, special needs, disabilities, education, and family support. By bringing together a broad spectrum of social service agencies, United Task Force harnesses the power of numbers to address the diverse range of needs of the Orthodox Jewish community of New York.
Our up-to-date database of social service agencies and organizations in the New York area is organized and easy to use, making it simple to identify the precise resources available for your specific needs.
United Task Force brings together representatives of each agency for regular meetings. Our ongoing in-person closed door collaboration maximizes the value of each individual agency. We work together to help you.
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At United Task Force, we understand that challenges are not confined to just one area. Each agency under the United Task Force umbrella leverages its expertise so that you can access the best resources for every affected area of your life.
the board
executive committee
Faye Zakheim, Ph.D. LCSW, Chair
Marcel Biberfeld, D.S.W.,
Joel Rosenshein, Ph.D.
Hindie M. Klein, Psy.D.
Rabbi Labish Becker
Yitzchok Shindler, Psy.D.
Rabbi Boruch Ber Bender
Rabbinical advisor
Rav Shmuel Kaminetsky

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